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PERU FANTASTIC, offers you the tour in the city of Cusco, capital of the empire of the Incas, its most fascinating destinations where you will be able to enjoy the huge amount of important archaeological remains.

Cusco was one of the most important cities in the viceroyalty of Peru, in whose time and in the hands of the Spaniards it was decked out of churches, palaces, baroque and neoclassical plazas, which is what today makes it the main tourist place of Peru, Declared Patrimony of the Humanity in 1983 by Unesco.


  • 13:00 pm-13: 30 pm, begins with the pick up of our passengers from their respective hotels (depending on the location of your hotel).
  • You will have a guided tour of the city center of Cusco, visit the Plaza de Armas, the Cathedral, the Temple of the Sun (Qoricancha-Santo Domingo), then visit the archaeological sites of Sacsayhuaman, Qenko, Puca Pucara and Tambomachay.
  • 18:00 pm-18: 30 pm return to the city of Cusco.


Cathedral: The Cathedral of Cusco is a monumental architectural jewel of the sixteenth century formed in reality by a complex of three juxtaposed churches, considered as one of the most important religious monuments in Latin America, a walk through its ships invites us to move in time And to know every canvas, altarpiece and sculpture that is inside. It is one of the most impressive buildings in the city.

Koricancha: Located 600 meters southeast of Cusco’s Plaza de Armas and approximately 5 minutes away, Koricancha or “Temple of the Sun”, located in the Historic Center of the city of Cusco, was one of the most important temples of the Inca Empire . After the conquest of Cusco, the Spaniards built the first Dominican convent of Peru on its walls, the Convent of Santo Domingo.

Sacsayhuaman: The Archaeological Park of Sacsayhuaman is located 3 km north of the city of Cusco (Qosqo) on the top of a mountain and 10 minutes from it; Covers approximately 3,000 hectares, where there is a rich Andean fauna and flora, highlighting the presence of llamas, kestrels and hawks. It was an important religious precinct of Tawantinsuyo. The aspect that presents today is very different from the one left by the conquerors, because this fortress was used as a quarry to build colonial Cusco. In Sacsayhuamán, every June 24, the Inti Raymi ceremony, an ancestral celebration in honor of the sun god, is recreated.

Q’enko: It is located 4 km from the Plaza de Armas, continuing the path of Sacsayhuaman, road Cusco – Pisac. Sanctuary dedicated to the worship of animals. Pre-Inca archaeological site consisting of a rocky zigzag stairway, which has a main building similar to a circular amphitheater in which 19 seats are arranged as seats. It is presumed that this enclosure was a shrine and supports this presumption the presence of a huge block of stone of 5.9 meters of height, that has the appearance of a cougar.

Puca Pucara: 7 km from the city of Cusco, is a military building located near Cusco. This fortress is composed of great walls, terraces and stairways and was part of the defensive set of Cusco in particular and the Inca Empire in general.

In the area of ​​the archaeological constructions near the capital of the extinguished empire, it is visited this locality. Puca Pucara receives its name in Quechua from “Red Fort”, due to the red color that the rocks acquire during the twilight. Puca Pucara is another example of military architecture that also functioned as an administrative center, has terraces, terraces, stairways and passages.

Tambomachay: It is located 8 kilometers from the city of Cusco. It was an Inca sanctuary for the cult of water and was a place reserved for the Inca. It is known as the Baños del Inca. Construction of fine lithic finishes and high command of hydraulic engineering. It is a set of walls, joined by stairways, with springs that fall to a pool through channels. The fall of water that draws attention in these ruins part of the terrace of the second wall and the drains are poured over the first, at the base of which there is a small pool. The niches, hollow species or niche 2 meters high, was the place from which, according to historians, the Inca and the characters of his court worshiped the god Inti (sun) with water rites.

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DETAILS Hours of departure: 13:30 all those days

Duration: 5 hours. Maximum altitude: Tambomachay 3700 meters or 12139. FT


  • Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, camera, extra batteries and a memory card, charger, waterproof bags for your camera, hand Sanitizer.
  • Carry money in effective extra for snacks, water and other foods.


  • Tour guided
  • Guide bilingual
  • All transportation


  • Entrance ticket to the Cathedral: s./25.00
  • Ticket of admission to the Q’ qoricancha: s. / 15.00
  • Meals
  • * Tourist ticket:
  • Full, 130 soles (45 dollars), include 12 places (archeological and museums), valid for 10 days.
  • Partial, 70 soles ($25), includes 4 places (archaeological or museums) has a validity 1 days.
  • Entrance ticket to the Cathedral: s./25.00
  • Ticket of admission to the Q’ qoricancha: s. / 15.00
  • Meals

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