Ausangate Trek and Vinicunca (Mountain Rainbow) 5days

Ausangate Trek and Vinicunca (Mountain Rainbow) 5 days

The Ausangate galcier (6398m / 20991f) is considered one of the most beautiful mountains of the Andes. The region around the mountain offers a stunning landscape of mountains, glaciers, lakes and streams. We will visit these places with our spiritual guide who taught us customs and traditions, as well as meditation practiced for centuries in the Andean cosmovision. The five-hour trip from Cusco to Tinki is an excellent preparation for the differences in temperature and altitude.

  • Altitude: 4050-5100 m / ft 13287 – 16732 ft

Day 1: Cusco – Upis – pass Arapa – YanacochaTinqui

We left at 6 am from your hotel in the city of cusco to the Vilcanota mountain range in bus private will go by the passage of Cusco Ccahuarina (4,200 m / 13,779 ft), reaching Upis (4400 m / 14436 ft) here we will enjoy lunch for a moment and enjoy a beautiful landscape of hills and the front of the Ausangate snowy. After lunch, we begin our Trek by Arapa pass (4800 m / 15748f). Since then, the descent towards Yana ccocha (4500 m / 14763 ft).

  • Transport time: 04 hours
  • Walking time: 5 hours

Day 2: Yanacocha – Pucacocha Pass – Anantapata

At dawn we will have breakfast and we will continue our path visiting Lakes incredible and different types of colors up to town to the lagoon of Pucacocha, then we will begin the ascent to the pass of Pucacocha (4900 m / 16076 ft). From then on, we will continue Anantapata (4500 m / 14763 ft) where camp.

  • Hiking time: 7 hours

Day 3: Anantapata – mountain of the arco iris (Vinicunca) – Ausangate cocha Lake

After our breakfast we will make our walk by the Lake Kayrawiri, surrounded by rugged mountains. Continuing, we pass through Cerro Grande Laya directing us to the Mountain Rainbow or Vinicunca. DEA qui will walk a few more minutes for lunch, after a walk to Lake Ausangate Qocha continuamosnueatra break (4650 m / 15256f) where camp.

Hiking time: 7 hours

Day 4: cocha Lake Ausangate – pass Palomani – Jampalago Ausangate

Today visit the Palomani pass (5100m / 16732 ft.) the highest of the walk with its spectacular panoramic views of Ausangate, descend next to glaciers toward the Finaya Pampa, where we will observe camelids such as alpacas, llamas and wild vicunas and condors sometimes. After a day of hiking, arrived at Jampa (4700 m / 15420f), where camp.

Hiking time: 7 hours

Day 5: Jampa – Campa Pass – Pacchanta – Cusco

Leaving very early in the morning we headed for a spectacular rise step Campa (5050m / 16568 ft). Continuing will pass several beautiful lakes on the way to Pacchanta (4350m / 14270 ft). Arriving will have a traditional lunch then go to the relaxing hot springs that are found in this beautiful place. After this relaxing swim we go to Cusco in our private transport.

Walk approx. time 6 hours

Transport time: 4 hours

Choquequirao Trekking 4days /3nights


Choquequiraw is known as the “sacred sister of Machu Picchu”, in this our trip, Peru Fantastic Travel offers you a trip to the Inca city is chosen as the best tourist destination for the year 2017

Choquequiraw is inca city located between the foothills of the nevado Salcantay, its name comes from the quechua chuqi = gold, and k ‘ k’iraw = wedge, is the Citadel, is the sister of Machu Picchu for the architectural and structural similarity that both present. The archaeological monuments of Choquequirao are conformed by buildings and terraces distributed in different levels, from level more under Sunch’ or leg to the highest truncated Summit, which was leveled and fenced with stones to form a platform with an approximate area of 150 square meters.


We leave the city of Cusco very early (5:00 am), along the road that goes North – West passing through San Pedro de Cachora district arrived at Capuliyoq (2800 m / 9186f). Here you will find our “arrieros”, started the descent along a Switchback trail, in about 4 hours bequeathing to the playa Rosalina (1550 m / 5085f). Crossing the bridge over the Apurimac river up a hill we will arrive to Santa Rosa (2095 m), where we spend the night.

  • Meals during the day: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

DAY 2: SANTA ROSA – CHOQUEQUIRAO (3033m / 9951f)

After breakfast in the morning we start our ascent heading to Marampata, a plain place where we can relax, enjoying a splendid view of Choquequirao. Continuing our way we will arrive to the camp of Choquequirao, which is located 25 minutes from the Citadel and will camp here.

  • Meals during the day: breakfast, lunch, dinner


Very early in the morning after breakfast depart to the Inca Citadel of Choquequirao, here we will have a two-hour guided, finished the tour is has 03 hours free time to visit Choquequirao on their own, then we will start our journey back reaching the shores of the Apurimac river to then upload to our camp in Chiquisca.

  • Meals during the day: breakfast / lunch.


Starting in the morning we will go to Capuliyoc, where our own transportation awaits us, from here we will go the thermal baths of knew, a place of relaxation after 4 days, after a swim, we will continue to the city of Cusco to your hotel

Inka Jungle Trek to Machupicchu 4days

Inka Jungle to Machu Picchu  4 d / 3N (cycling, Rafting, Canopy & Trek)

This is an adventure tour  to get to the wonder of the world Machu Picchu, in the course of the route,  you are going to enjoy different activities as cycling of mountain, rafting, hike and zip line before you  get Machu Picchu.


Day by day itinerary:

In this adventure tour we will feel the adrenaline increasing, we will begin descending 3,000 metres by mountain bike, followed by a trip in raft with spectacular Rapids level III and IV, walking through forest and zip line through the jungle. We are going to pass through traditional villages of the area, including Santa Teresa and Santa Maria to see the way of life. The end of this fantastic journey is to arrive to the wonder of the world: Machu Picchu.

Day 1: Cusco to Málaga pass high, mountain biking to Santa Maria village (1. 400 m), Rafting activity

Early in the morning at 6:00 am we pick you up from your hotel in our private transportation and we travel to the Malaga mountain stream. During the trip we will stop in Ollantaytambo town, where we can have a quick breakfast and buy some snacks.

Continue driving during 1:50 min. to the Malaga pass (4,350 meters), in this place our guide is going to give a talk of security before start riding our mountain bikes down in the jungle, during  2:50 min.

During this excursion we will see the archaeological site called Huamanmarka, cross through plantations of fruits. We will be arriving around 2:00 to 2:30pm to the river Urubamba called also Vilcanota. During the trip we will stop in the town of Ollantaytambo, where we can have a breakfast quick and buy some snacks.

Ending the rafting we continue our walk toward Santa Maria village (1,400 masl) where we spend the night at a basic hostal.

Day 2: Santa Maria to Santa Teresa(1, 680 m)

After  breakfast early in the morning, we are going to start our hike day through the mountains of the jungle to observe beautiful unspoiled scenery, abundant flora and fauna. We will stop for lunch anytime during walk at the path. We will arrive to Santa Teresa village (1,680 masl), in the afternoon. We are gioing to spend a night here.

Day 3: Activity zip line and Trek to Aguas Calientes

After breakfast early in the morning.

We will make the excursion of the Zip line, which is the highest in South America. Through more than 2,500 meters of cables with the longest trip that covers 400 meters and the highest of 150 meters (optional). Lunch in santa Teresa then heading to Hydroelectric, from here we walk through the train tracks during 2:30 min. to get Aguas Calientes town of Machu Picchu, we are going to spend the night in a hostel and will have dinner in a tourist restaurant

Day 4: Explore Machu Picchu and return to Cuzco

This day we will wake up very early and after breakfast, we board the first bus 5:30 AM, we will make a journey of 30 minutes arriving at the Citadel of Machu picchu at 6:00 AM and appreciate the majestic sunrise. We will have a guided tour of 2 hours to get to know the most important sites of Machu Picchu, if you want you can climb Wayna Picchu *(enter ticket is no inluded).

Finishing the guiding you have free time,  04 more hours,  to walk around by yourself.  You can get to the town of Aguas Calientes where you can visit the thermal baths (enter ticket is not included), after lunch in a restaurant (not included) take the train back to Ollantaytambo station where the transfer is going to wait for you to return to Cusco in a private transportation to your hotel.

* WaynaPicchu, an optional hike up to the steep peak called HuaynaPicchu, located inside the archaeological site of Machu Picchu. The trek lasts about 45 – 60 minutes upwards and we will appreciate a unique and unforgettable view of Machu Picchu from a fantastic perspective. Please note that, if you want to take this optional tour, you must contact at least 1 month in advance to reserve your entrance ticket.

Rafting, Zip Line and Rainbow Mountain Trek 2days

Rafting, zip-line and Rainbow Mountain Trek 2D / 1N

We will enjoy the adrenaline that gives us the Vilcanota river in its Rapids, then discover the majestic sacred Rainbow mountain of Peru, a unique an natural wonder  in a rewarding hike.

Day by day itinerary:

Day 1: Cusco – Cusipata (L / D)

We pick you up at your hotel between 8:30-9 a.m. we are going to Oropesa a small Andean village famous for its homemade bread, then go to Cusipata starting point on raft where the adventure begins. Our professional rafting guide will give you a safety talk and provide you with all the siutable equipment for rafting.

Passing by II, III and IV levels, after exciting hours of adventure in the Vilcanota river, we reach the lodge located in a beautiful natural spot where you can take a shower and enjoy a delicious lunch. Then, in the same place, feel the emotion of the 2-Zip line.  After that we will have dinner and overnight in the place.

Day 2: Cusitapa – Rainbow Mountain – Cusco (D / A)

We pick you up at the lodge in cusipata around 7 a.m. after half an hour travelling we arrive at the District of Pitumarca where we go for breakfast. After eating, we will follow the road to Quesiyuni where we start the hike. It will take about 3 hours to reach the amazing Rainbow mountain.

The Rainbow mountain, also known as Vinicunca, is an spectacular place near the Ausangate glacier covered of snow.  Ausangate Mountain is considered sacred by the people and is one of the most important deities of the ancient Inca civilization. Enjoy the contact with the uninterrupted nature, enjoying the beauty of this road.

After spending a time in the mountain taking pictures and enjoying this majestic and unique natural wonder, descend again in Quesiyuni for lunch. After eating, we return to Cusco city, arriving at 6 pm at your hotel.

The highest elevation: 5.020 m / 16.466 ft